my side of the closet :p


Sebastian Stan is out there in world being awkward and confused and hotter than Hades and he must be stopped.

I am starting Romanian and German!!

I want to make audios of me saying stuff to see if I’m pronouncing alright. If you speak one of these and dont mind me sending you one a week or something to review please let me know!!

Im not like studying intensively, i’m just getting some basics, and starting a notebook for each.


the elegant european woman didn’t stay for tea, but the promise of tomorrow hung in the air


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*small whisper* i am an adult


i need a paid break from life

Me: maybe i should just go on speed.
Mom: nope. It’ll deplete your B Vitamins.

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6-7/100 pictures of Sebastian Stan



I kinda wanna be in a gang but only like once and not even a real gang maybe one of those corny gangs that snap in sync and have choreographed dance movies 



d’you think the avengers ever play a game where they try to push steve’s buttons and get him all riled up and patriotic?

tony casually throws it into a conversation like “oh yeah I don’t vote” and steve trails off mid-sentence and gapes for a second before he starts in on the…


when you drink the water and the tummy go sploosh sploosh

I’ve lost like 3 pounds in the last week @-@ I’ve been sick

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